Ajax / jQuery / ExtJS

Ajax / jQuery / ExtJS

Ajax / jQuery / ExtJS

Ajax Custom Developments

Git IT-Solution has huge expertise in developing applications using Ajax. We deliver high quality software development services at affordable rates. We make use of the most comprehensive and advanced development tools and methodology to create interactive web applications. A major distinctive benefit of AJAX is that it provides speedy response and interactivity of web pages which is achieved by exchanging the data with server. As a result it is not mandatory to reload the whole web pages to get some data from the server.

Ajax custom development is universally accepted operating system. The pages developed by Ajax custom development are fast loading and make the web process faster. Ajax can be used for different elements like pop ups, dynamic graphics and fonts. We have extensive knowledge of Ajax custom development. All our Ajax developers are technically sound and skilled. They deliver great results in no time.

Jquery Developments

Git IT-Solution offers a full range of JQuery Development Services at affordable prices. Whether you are starting a new project or need to optimize an existing web development application, we can fulfill all your JQuery custom development needs. We use the latest technologies and the best practices to deliver the projects on time and on budget. With Git IT-Solution JQuery development services you will truly experience what a blessing JQuery is!

With years of experience in the field, we have helped many small and large organizations to implement applications using JQuery. Whether you have a small requirement pertaining to JQuery web development or a large one, we can help you with all. No project is big or small for us. We are a leading JQuery custom development company providing great solutions to our clients across the globe.

We can help you achieve the benefits of JQuery like simplified programming, basic and essential expressions/conventions, custom animation and transitions, simplicity and straightforwardness, plug-ins and extending JQuery. We have a perfect blend of expertise and enthusiasm to assist with all the types of JQuery custom applications development. All our developers are technically sound and knowledgeable.

Our Jquery Services Includes:
  • jQuery development environment
  • jQuery development tools
  • jQuery plug-in development
  • jQuery UI development
  • jQuery Outsourcing development

Ext js Developments

we provide all types of ExtJS custom development starting from embedding simple ExtJS widget on HTML page to complex ExtJS plugin development or creating a rich UI based internet application completely using ExtJS.

ExtJS stands out among the other challenging JavaScript for it UI rendering capability. If ExtJS did not have the ability to bring structure to the UI portion, then it would not be much different than other JavaScript Library like jQuery or ProtoType.

Benefits of using Ext JS framework:
  • Allows inexperienced users to easily build web pages using drag-n-drop paradigm
  • Users can change web-page design selecting from a set of predefined skins
  • Developer building a web site has a full arsenal of tools to quickly create nicely looking website

If you already have ExtJS based web application and you’re looking for a company / developer to maintain it, we are here to help you. Our ExtJS development services also cover maintenance or revisions to the existing ExtJS based web applications.

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