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Kohana Development

Kohana Development

Kohana Development

With our endless wealth of experience in Kohana development at Git It-Solution, we have decided to layout the basics of Kohana to beginners of programming. Kohana PHP is a framework which is an example of open source PHP software. With Kohana, developers are able to build effectively, web applications faster. If you are quite familiar with the functionality of Ruby on Rails, you should be able to grasp the concept of Kohana – they are quite similar in function. In the creation of Kohana, it was originally based on the functions of a well-documented CodeIgniter PHP framework.

Git IT-Solution is experienced in Kohana web application development and it hosts some of the best backend web developers as well as frontend designers too for all kinds of Kohana web application development projects. Kohana web framework development is one feature rich platform that gives great community support too through the active community forum. This means that it provides scope for getting majority of the questions answered at great speed.

Kohana Development Services Includes

  • Custom Kohana Web Application Development
  • Custom Kohana Website Development
  • Kohana Theme and Template Design and Development
  • Kohana Module Development
  • Kohana Upgradation and Maintenance

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