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NodeJs Development

NodeJs Development

NodeJs Development

Node.js is an innovative platform that can be used to build faster scalable network applications. Node.js is a popular server-side JavaScript runtime environment that is used for “highly scalable” applications. Having lightweight runtime, it helps in speedy development and deployment of network and applications. One of the major advantages of Node.js is the provision of code reuse. It is faster as compared to PHP. It can be used for startup, medium and large enterprises. If you’re looking for custom scalable network applications, Node.js can be the right option.

Node.js development is apt for large, medium and start up enterprises. However, if you find yourself categorized under SME or start-ups, you may not find a better platform than this. Apart from enabling you to observe a website from different perspectives, Node.js also provides you with the provision of writing your own framework. This is something that really comes in handy when you are formulating websites and online stores. Devised to offer maximum throughput and efficiency, Node.js should be your first choice when it comes to building custom scalable network applications. With Node.js the overall time for development process is reduced to bear minimum and hence a quick product delivery is always on the cards.

NodeJs Development Features

  • Deals with API or real time web socket programming.
  • Amazing & Rich web applications.
  • One big advantage of node.js is the low level API.
  • Rich set of community driven open source modules.

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