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Zend Development

Zend Development

Zend Development

Zend framework is an open source object oriented PHP based web application framework which enjoys great popularity for its flexible use-at-will architecture. Zend framework is implemented in only PHP and is used worldwide by great majority of web developers. The framework requires a PHP interpreter along with the server side configuration for making it work correctly. Some of its features require some web server extensions, though in most cases the framework works nicely without these server side extensions. The framework recommends most advanced release of PHP rather than earlier PHP 5 (PHP 5.2.11 or later) versions for better performance and security issues. The framework beside other elements of flexibility is noted particularly for an extensive collection of unit tests helping web developer to achieve perfection and performance.

Zend framework is extensively used by web developers around the globe because of its flexibility.

HTML5 Development Services Includes

  • Zend Website Development
  • Complete Customization Services
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Zend Integration Services
  • Zend Application Development
  • Zend portal development

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